What is the etiopathy ?


Etio­pa­thy is a mecha­nis­tic medi­cine that focuses on the cause of the ill­ness, disor­der or dysfunction.

The diag­no­sis results of an indu­cive logi­cal rea­so­ning, high­ligh­ting the deter­mi­nism lea­ding to the symp­toms of the patient.

The treat­ment is exclu­si­ve­ly manual, and involves mani­pu­la­tion of joints or visceræ.

TO NAME BUT A FEW, Etio­pa­thy is typi­cal­ly a very good and pro­ven cure for the following :

  • back pains, neu­ral­gia, limb aches, etc.
  • chro­nic angi­na, oti­tis, sinu­si­tis, conjec­ti­vi­tis, etc.
  • sleep disor­ders, insom­nia, sleep apnea
  • hea­daches and migraines, tin­ni­tus, per­iphe­ral vertigo
  • gas­tric reflux, chro­nic consti­pa­tion, other diges­tive disorders
  • pain­ful per­iod, hot flushes, infer­ti­li­ty, lower limb swel­ling, etc.

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